Saturday, May 26, 2012

D3 Marathon - Day 11

On day 11 I accomplished more than I set up to do. I went to bed late but I decided to play until...

Aye me hearties, my Monk reached level 60. He's currently in Act 3 on Hell.

The day was marked by a steady and huge improvement in my DPS. From the previous day I progressed from 4000 DPS to 5200 DPS (and 30K hit points). I had been stuck in Act 2 for a while, being unable to compete the quests for the various body parts of Zoltun Kulle. The problem was that every time I tried, I ran into some extremely vicious champions or rares inside those tombs that I couldn't bypass. I died a few times but mostly I ran away.

The solution? I needed more DPS to burn down those nasties much quicker. So I shopped a bit on the Auction House and found a nice pair of daggers which improved my DPS by 1000+. I found myself at level 59 with 30K health and 5200 DPS. As a result, I was able to complete Act 2 without too much hassle, at level 59 9/10. For the record, I hate Belial, the Act 2 boss. The encounter is very poorly designed. Still, I beat him on the first try.

Moving on to Act 3, I found out that 5200 DPS wasn't nearly enough. It was decent but there was room for improvement. Back to the AH. I found a nice fist weapon and a shield, whereupon I switched back from dual-wielding to 1H + shield. DPS shot up to 7500 but life dropped to 28K with Mystic Ally and Earth Ally. It's all good. My survivability went up anyway, thanks to the shield.

Just before reaching 60, I found a bunch of other upgrades, some of them drops, which further increased DPS to 8100. Before going to bed, I decided to do a quick search on the AH and found this very nice upgrade for only 40K.

DPS at the end of the night? 9700. Not bad at all, eh? Here's how the Monk looks. A little better than the previous two days, except for the helm which is the same one. I also changed my banner again. Arr!

Now, the best thing about level 60?

Nephalem Valor. You get a stack each time you kill a rare boss or a group of champions. What it does is, it simply increases your Magic and Gold Find. Each stack gives you an additional +15% You can have a maximum of 5 stacks (for a total of +75%). That gave me +88% Gold Find and +94% Magic Find. If it seems puny it's because my gear has very little amounts of GF/MF but overall it made a big difference. I started getting tons of rare item drops. In fact, I'm running out of space again on my alts because many of these items are future upgrades for them, as well as stuff that I want to sell on the AH.

In other news, the damn Auction House still won't allow commodity trading. I don't understand what Blizzard is playing at. I'm itching to trade some commodities and try out some new ideas I have. Ironically, it seems that on the European side you can trade commodities just fine.

Oh, I announced a couple of days ago that I reached my first million gold. 2 days later I've got over 2 million, despite purchasing a number of upgrades. One of my "investments" panned out but, I will repeat this, I would have made a lot more if commodity trading had worked.

Next on my "to do" list is to finish Hell difficulty. I can't wait to get to Inferno and start farming Fields of Misery.

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