Thursday, April 12, 2012

Class genders revisited

A looong time ago before I was even dreaming of getting into the beta, I made a tentative decision about which genders I would choose for each class in the full game. Now, after gaining some experience with all the 5 classes, I thought I could make a more informed decision. I was wrong. I hadn't yet seen these class armor set videos. Make sure to watch them, they are definitely worth it.

Here are my impressions after watching these videos.

I like the sets a lot. The look very barbaric, especially the early ones. Later ones are really awesome. These make me want to play a Barbarian.

Demon Hunter
I mentioned repeatedly that I would be playing the Demon Hunter as my first class. The sets are okay-ish but some of the helms are ridiculous.

The Monk's sets are the ugliest of the bunch. It makes both genders look like clowns.

The clothes themselves are very good but many of the shoulders and helms but are ridiculous.

Witch Doctor
I like the Witch Doctor's sets a lot. The hats, especially, are awesome. I can only imagine how cool they look when actually playing the game.

And now for some revised impressions of each class gender.

Barbarian Male
The Barbarian male is the actual Barbarian from Diablo 2, only aged about 20 years. I like the dude. He looks powerful and experienced and he won't take shit from anyone.
Barbarian Female
I was planning to play a Barb female because I like how she looks. She has nice curves, she looks powerful and muscular. But I dislike her voice and she reminds me too much of Fiona, the ogre from Shrek. Besides, she could easily be the male Barb's daughter, much less experienced and a lot more naive.
I choose the male Barbarian.

Demon Hunter Male
This dude looks like a jerk. I hate his hunched-over posture and how he holds his arms at his side. Also, he's too thin.
Demon Hunter Female
Her posture makes her look like a stuck-up bitch.
It's hard to make a decision here. I think I'm gonna go with the female, as she seems to be the lesser of two evils.

Monk Male
I like the male Monk. He reminds me a lot of Rasputin, with his beard and accent. He looks suitably powerful and I liked how items in the beta looked on him.
Monk Female
I don't know what to make of her. She doesn't seem to be related to the male in any way, not even by race. Are they both Russian? They could be, but something about her doesn't click.
I choose the male Monk.

Wizard Male
The male Wizard looks like a wimpy 16-17 year old. He could be the female Wizards younger brother.
Wizard Female
She is smoking hot, especially without armor. I'm in looove with her.
Female Wizard all the way!

Witch Doctor Male
What the hell is wrong with this guy? Not only is he shaking like he's got Parkinson's (at his age the chances of that disease are high) but he's got a damn potbelly! Oh and I don't like his voice. Not the accent, just the voice.
Witch Doctor Female
She's much better than the male, and hot looking to boot. And she doesn't shake.
Female Witch Doctor all the way!

The class set videos have definitely helped me in my decision-making but unfortunately the Demon Hunter suffers from both lackluster sets and annoying character design. But that's purely my opinion so feel free to disagree with me in the comments.

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