Friday, April 27, 2012

Character names

Today, in world premiere, I'm going to reveal the names that I will give each class when Diablo 3 is released. I talked before about class and gender choices and I can safely say, after playing each gender for each class in the beta, that I have made a final decision.

Demon Hunter - Male - Prometheus
I picked the name for two reasons. First, there's Prometheus in Greek mythology whose story I find extremely fascinating. I mean, stealing from the gods, defying them to the very last, that takes balls man! Besides, the male Demon Hunter can very well be Greek, with his darkish looks. The second reason is that my most anticipated movie this year is, you guessed it, Prometheus.

Wizard - Female - Andromeda
The Wizard fires galaxies and Andromeda is one of my favorite galaxies, so there you go. Besides, I think the name sounds really cool.

Barbarian - Male - Orion
I have always liked the name Orion, as it applies to the constellation and the mythical character. OK, I admit that Orion The Hunter might be better suited for the Demon Hunter but in my mind it feels like this is a very good name for the Barbarian.

Monk - Male - Rasputin
In a departure from Greek mythology, I am naming my male Monk Rasputin. Why? Well, it should be obvious. Diablo 3's Monk evidently hails from Russia, and that beard is a dead giveaway. Not that I admire the real Rasputin or anything, but I think the association (and coincidence) is funny.

Witch Doctor - Female - Arachne
I struggled with this one for a long time. Finally I turned back to Greek mythology and settled upon the name Arachne. Why? Because the Witch Doctor plays with spiders, among other things.

So these are my choices. I'd be interested to hear some opinions/criticisms. I would also enjoy it if you shared your own characters' names in the comments. Come on, don't be shy!

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