Monday, October 24, 2011

It's gonna be epic!

How was this year's Blizzcon for you? For me it was meh, as far as WoW's new expansion is concerned. On the Diablo 3 front, I can't say I was impressed. We didn't get to see any major new stuff and though many of us were still hoping, no release date was announced.

The Black Soulstone cinematic was very well made but rather short. I WANTZ MOAR! At this point I'm starting to wonder if we're actually going to fight Diablo at the end. I assume that's why the game still has "Diablo" in the title.

So we still have a long time to wait and there isn't the slightest hint as to when the game will be released. Or is there? If you haven't seen this rumor yet, check it out. I'm very cautious around rumors as a rule but if the alleged email really was sent in advance of Blizzcon, then that insider had access to some powerful information. In that case, the supposed 17th January 2012 release date could be legit. On the other hand it does seem a bit too soon considering that Blizzard couldn't make it by the end of this year. I admit that we'd all love to see the game out in January but it might just not happen. Still, this rumor offers us a glimmer of hope.

The second thing that really gave me a boost of confidence is this series of 20 new screenshots that came out of Blizzcon. They are high-res and look gorgeous. I don't know about you but when I look at them I get the feeling that Diablo 3 is gonna be epic! And that'll keep me going until I finally lay my sweaty paws on it.

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