Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wanna buy some gold?

Over the past week I've been watching in horrified fascination how the black market for Diablo 3 gold evolved. I can't help noticing. I like to join the Trade chat channel because occasionally I see a good deal. I have yet to buy something that was advertised there, but I remember the days of WoW when you could get your hands on some very sweet deals if you paid close attention to Trade.

Unfortunately, just like in WoW, the chat channels are flooded with gold spammers. I hate these guys and what they represent with a passion. I'm not going to judge the players who buy gold from these sites (though my opinion of them isn't very high) but the spammers and gold sellers are baaaaaad.

It's about damn time Blizzard released the Real Money Auction House. The economy will go to shit if they don't do it soon. Already gold is losing value with each passing day. On the other hand more and more people are farming Inferno which makes for cheaper high-end items so these two cancel each other out to some extent.

What's interesting (and maybe worrisome) is that the unofficial price of gold has been dropping a lot over the past week. When I first noticed the spammers, they were offering 1 million gold for $30. Prices dropped successively to $25, $20, yesterday $15 and now a little over $13.

I wonder how far they will continue to drop. I wonder what the "official" rate will be during the first day the RMAH is released. I wonder how far the rate will drop during the first 24 hours, and then again during the first week. I wonder at what level it will stabilize. I really, truly, honestly hope it won't be something like $1 for 1 million gold. If that's the case, I might be tempted to just pull out my wallet and buy myself some Inferno farming equipment.

I always thought that I wouldn't spend a single cent on the RMAH. But if gold prices are low enough, it might make more sense to simply buy my way into Inferno instead of approaching it the hard way. I think I would hate myself if I did that.

Any thoughts?

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