Friday, June 29, 2012

Demon Hunter is 60

Last night I hit 60 on my Demon Hunter. I stopped playing him a few weeks ago and left him languishing at 55. My spec sucked, my DPS was mediocre and leveling was a drag. Then, a couple of nights ago I decided to make the final push to 60 so I could equip my DH with level 60 items inherited from the Monk, not to mention a bow or two that I had set aside for him.

One of the tricks that you can take advantage of when you're close to 60 and things seem to slow down is to search the Auction House for a weapon with Reduced Level Requirement. You'll be surprised what you can find. In many cases you'll be able to grab a level 60 weapon (with the associated massive damage) for your level 55-56 character.

After buying a 758 DPS bow (which had more than double the DPS of my existing crossbow), my damage spiked from 13K to a massive 32K. In truth, these numbers are with the passive Sharpshooter. It's all good though. I love that passive.

At the same time I decided to change my spec. I adopted this guy's spec. It's awesome, I can tell you that. From that point onward, I was pulverizing everything in my path. That is, until I decided to group up in order to kill Belial. The group wiped 4 times before we decided to split. Afterwards I killed Belial on my first solo try. BTW, I still think this is one of the worst encounters in the game.

In Act 3 I joined another group and found myself in a party of 4 Demon Hunters. It was the first time that happened and it was fun. Unfortunately my DPS was disproportionate to what the others were dealing.

About halfway into Act 3 I hit 60 without too much fuss. I equipped a 1H crossbow that I was saving, along with 2-3 other upgrades and my DPS jumped again to... drumroll...

Yup, 47K DPS. I also have +145% Critical Hit Damage and 2.16 attacks per second. That's pretty damn awesome. Mobs die like flies. Champions don't stand much of a chance either. I just love being overpowered. Unfortunately I am rather weak. 2-3 well-placed blows will kill me. I'm also sure that 47K DPS in Inferno for a DH without too many defenses won't quite cut it.

The best thing, however, is that now I can go back to farming Inferno with the Monk so I can equip the Demon Hunter and the Barbarian who are both 60 now.

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