Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fallen Tooth drop rate increased?

I wanted to post this a while ago but I got sidetracked by other things. I believe that the Fallen Tooth yield rate from salvaging magic items has increased some time after beta patch 16. Fallen Teeth are rare (yellow) crafting materials that are used for some rare recipes.

I remember distinctly that at some point during the beta, Fallen Teeth were "nerfed" to a 5% drop rate. By "drop rate" I mean, of course, the chance of getting one when salvaging magic (blue) items. Well, after patch 16 I noticed that all of a sudden I was getting a lot more Fallen Teeth than before, and noticeably so, on all my characters.

Here's a screenshot which shows how many Fallen Teeth I got after salvaging 185 items.

So I got 185 Subtle Essences but also 22 Fallen Teeth. This roughly indicates a 11.9% drop rate but because the sample size is small, I can assume it's closer to 10%.

If this is indeed true, it means that the yield rate has been doubled. Was this ever mentioned in the patch notes? I don't recall. Has anyone else noticed this? Will Blizzard "nerf" the yield rate back to 5% or is it here to stay?

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