Sunday, May 20, 2012

D3 Marathon - Day 5

Demon Hunter
Well folks, I'm in a bit of an impasse. You see, I have run out of steam with my Demon Hunter. He finally made it to level 40 after long struggles. He's in Nightmare Act 2 right now but he's having a very hard time with the monsters.

There are very frequent packs of champions and rares now which the DH can barely survive on his own. In one instance I kited a pack of champions across the whole map, all the way back into town, with barely a sliver of my life remaining. In the end I killed them at the town entrance where they couldn't pass.

His DPS is 698 at this point, with 4786 hit points.

Grouping up with people didn't help a lot. I hate the fact that the game, more often than not, teams you up with just one more person, instead of 2-3. And very often, this other person is also a ranged class, another DH or a Wizard. Two ranged classes in Nightmare are a recipe for disaster, with the sort of mobs that spawn.

Some of my "favorite" champion/rare modifiers are Jailer/Mortar. Then there's Vortex, of course, which is the bane of any ranged character, and Fast, which pretty much ignores all your slowing attempts with Caltrops or whatnot.

No, at this point I am giving up on the Demon Hunter. It has stopped being fun and now it's downright frustrating. I don't want to spend 5 minutes running away each time I encounter a pack of champions.

I have decided, almost a week too late, that perhaps the Monk would have been a better first class choice. I spent most of day 5 leveling my Monk who is now level 21.

I find the Monk's gameplay incredible, so far. His moves are out of this world. Here's my level 21 build. Crippling Wave and Exploding Palm are my favorite skills.

I am hoping, over the next couple of days, to get close to level 40 with the Monk and then compare his survivability with that of the Demon Hunter.

Once, I ran in a group with my Demon Hunter, a Monk and another class, on Nightmare. The Monk was so badass, she could handle entire groups of monsters on her own, without our assistance. Her equipment didn't seem out of the ordinary so I'm thinking that Monks are probably better at holding their own.

At any rate, I'm hoping that a melee class won't need to run away from monsters like the Demon Hunter is forced to.

About a week ago I was being dismissive about banners. Well, maybe they're not so bad after all. I also spent a few minutes playing with my banner and you might have noticed that I changed it a bit. I just wish there were additional ways in which to customize characters cosmetically.

I'm keeping it short for today because I want to put in some leveling time with my Monk. Catch y'all tomorrow!

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