Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D3 Marathon - Day 14 - Epilogue

My 14-day Diablo 3 Marathon has come to an end. Real Life called and wants me back. So what have I accomplished in these 2 weeks of playing D3? More than I bargained for and less than I hoped. Let me explain.

I leveled a Monk to 60 and unlocked Inferno, though I'm still stuck at the very beginning of Act 1 due to the steep difficulty curve.

I leveled a Demon Hunter to 40, actually my first class choice, whom I subsequently abandoned in favor of the Monk.

I leveled a Barbarian to 34. Because he inherited a lot of good gear from his forebears, he breezed his way to this level.

I leveled a Witch Doctor to 19 and unlocked Gargantuan, one of the skills I was most interested in.

I leveled a Wizard to 14.

More importantly, I got 2 of my oldest and dearest friends who are all the way across the world, one in Europe and the other in Asia, to play Diablo 3. I played a game with each of them but it was very imbalanced in my favor because their gear sucked while mine was much too good for that level, being passed down from my high level characters.

On the financial side, I'm disappointed. I now have less than 2 million gold but I do have "assets" in excess of that amount, currently gathering dust. I was hoping to make a lot more but the Auction House conspired against me. Here's hoping that patch 1.0.2, which was just released today, will correct this.

After this marathon, I'm going to take it easy. I plan to level my other characters some more and build up a set of better gear for the Monk, slowly and painfully, to get him to the point where he can farm Act 1 Inferno comfortably. I want to expand my storage and, most of all, do some real trading on the Auction House.

How about you? How were these first two weeks of Diablo 3 for you? Are you going to continue playing or is the game already "dead" for you?

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Anonymous said...

I currently have a monk level 54 in the begging of act 1 hell. I my dps is around 3500 armor at 4000 health at 10k and resistance at 100 even across the board. The butcher was very easy on hell, the only problem i really encountered was the blue mobs in 3's. They were my worst enemy i was killed atleast once by all of them even with these stats. I'm not sure where my character is in conparison with other monks thats my biggest challenge. I've searched the AH for better dps and such but i cant find any better upgrades. Im using a dagger and shield and not aure if i should be dual wielding. Anyways great blog. Ive been reading it every day. Good luck on your jurney. If you ever want to play here is my ign. B.p.bkilled@gmail.com. add me if you like. Good luck.