Friday, March 9, 2012

Gold find even more viable?

Well folks, we may well be at the last beta patch before Diablo 3's release date is announced. In this latest patch there have been certain adjustments made to the game economy. The ones that look very interesting to me are: larger gold drops from monsters, an increase in training costs for artisans and a nerf to gold find equipment.

Though the net result seems to be a nerf, I will venture to say that in fact it is a buff, simply for the fact that gold drops have increased significantly. People have reported 80 gold single stacks, while previously this amount was much lower.

The nerf to gold find is to be expected if gold is to remain valuable. Blizzard wouldn't want level 20 characters running around with 300% gold find, would they? Combined with the increased drops, gold would soon become so abundant that it wouldn't have much value.

The cost of training artisans has also increased by a lot but it doesn't matter really. Why is that? Because training an artisan to max level is a one-time occurrence per account. No matter how much it costs, you will eventually get there and once you do, it's smooth sailing and you won't need to sink any more gold in artisans, except, of course, for recipes you might want to craft.

I'm sure that, with time, a character will be able to accumulate some decent gold find gear so that by the time it reaches 60, or Inferno, it will be able to farm gold like there's no tomorrow. If drops can reach 80 gold at levels < 13, I wonder how high they'll be at level 60. 500? 1000? We shall see.

For my part, my farming strategy will consist of as much gold find gear as I can gather, supplemented by magic find, with +speed boots and a good weapon. That would be the ideal case. Considering that the latest patch also made the monsters a lot tougher, it might not be possible to always fight at the highest levels with such under-performing equipment but one can always go back an act or two (or a difficulty or two), just to farm low level mobs quickly.

Of course, I will also do the magic find vs gold find experiment. It might be that magic find is actually more efficient for farming. My issue with this is that magic find seems more random than gold find. Magic items drop a lot less often than gold. Either way, it's going to be a pleasure to test all these strategies. I can't wait to put on my favorite podcasts while coasting through the acts, mindlessly killing monsters.

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