Thursday, October 6, 2011

I had a dream

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed that I was playing the Diablo 3 beta, with a female wizard and I was blasting the hell out of those skeletons. While playing, I discovered that I could fire Electrocute from the tips of my fingers, which slowly melted any object touched by the spell. Funky dream.

What I wanted to comment on, in fact, is not the dream, but rather the mellowing down of the D3 community. I've noticed that over the past couple of weeks the initial beta excitement has slowly died down. These days, even the most enthusiastic bloggers have been lulled into inactivity.

This is understandable. The beta is very short in terms of content and by now I'm sure I could make my way to the Skeleton King with my eyes closed, without even playing the game, that's how many videos I have watched.

With the limited scope of the beta, people have pretty much said everything that could be said about this introductory section of the game. At this point those who are still playing (and who haven't gotten bored of it already) are trying to find weird and crazy ways to beat the beta, such as killing the most monsters in a few seconds or completing the game in 15 minutes and other such endeavors.

Now that Diablo 3's release has also been postponed, dare I say that many fans have lost interest for the time being? I admit that I am no longer frantically, rabidly desperate to grab every morsel of D3 news. I'm happily playing other games and not worrying about D3 that much. It'll be done when it's done.

One thing that slightly worries me is whether they will announce the game's release at Blizzcon this year. I'm afraid they won't and that's because of the delay. Blizzcon is only 3 weeks away and I doubt they will reach a point by then where they'll be confident that the game can be released on date X. Pessimistic estimates are still around March-April of 2012.

Finally, I'm going to demand something of Blizzard.

Dear Blizzard, by now a lot of testers are undoubtedly bored with the beta and aren't even playing it anymore. Please send out more invites such that those of us who are pining for it will get a chance to play it. After all, you are trying to test server stability with an increasing number of players, aren't you?

Dammit Blizzard, I dreamed about your game last night so that makes me entitled to beta access! I demand beta access!

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